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Welcome, I am Ran Zhuo : )

Product designer pursuing simplicity in complexity

Hey, I'm Ran Zhuo, a multidisciplinary product designer who is passionate about solving problems for people. Currently, I am a Sr. UX designer @eBay, designing E2E payment experience and post-transaction experience making it efficient and more intuitive. Practicing in e-commerce, I always put customers first, root myself in research and data, and sometimes follow my designers’ instincts 🤫. Previously I worked as a User Experience designer @TripAdvisor and Microsoft Research Asia.

My secret spices are defining complicated and ambiguity problems, how to build design visions in different scales (from quick win to North-star), translate design into business strategy.

When it comes to design, I love how Victor Papanek defined it in his book Design for the Real World. I believe good design is about intentionality and positive impact.

Papanek called design “the conscious and intuitive effort to impose [adapt to] meaningful order” (Papanek, 1985, p.4)

Mildly interesting things...

  • 🤸🏼‍♀️   If I’m not designing, you will find me globetrotting. I'm an adventure lover who is passionate about trying new stuff.

  • 📖   If I’m not designing, you will find me grab a book and binge read

  • 🐈   I have two 1 year old adopted kiddos-two cats. I love them with my whole heart.

  • 👩🏼‍🎨   Play with illustrations and handcraft art pieces

  • 🍱   I briefly considered a career in the culinary arts at one point much earlier in life, but said, "immediately no," when I heard I would be starting my days at 4am (because 4am is my bedtime). However, I still spend a good deal of time testing recipes in the kitchen when I am not taking care of my two kitties.

  • 🧘🏻    If I’m not designing, you will find me do yoga to practice mindfulness

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